About Us

About TALI

TALI was established when the Company’s founders realized that there is an unfortunate gap in retail today: between what we want, and what we can have. We also realized that statement outfits and pieces worn once tend to be memorable, often making us skeptical about when we will be able to wear it next. Being able to rent such pieces addressed all these concerns – you can enjoy variety, while making smart choices for your closet. It’s time outfits and accessories became less of an investment and more of an opportunity to showcase unique style, and simply have some fun!

TALI is run by a group of style-obsessed and passionate individuals, each fiercely motivated to the Company’s simple aim of making luxury wear more accessible. Our constant endeavour is to find the newest and most coveted styles to add the kind of glamour and exclusivity you desire to your closet. Our team comprises experienced stylists who understand what’s hot, and what’s most definitely not.


Luxuries, for most of us, are rarely accompanied by choice. Instead our fashion luxury choices are largely dictated by what’s on sale.

But that’s about to change.

What if we tell you that the newest and most exclusive in fashion is now available to you at the click of a button, in a way that will only make a negligible dent in your wallet, not destroy it all together; too good to be true? Think again – TALI is about to transform the way you think about fashion luxury, and you’re about to be very, very pleased.

Your days of walking past beautiful, brightly lit high-end designer stores and wistfully looking at their shiny wares in the window are over. The gorgeous lehenga you’ve been pining after? It can be yours, as can that fabulous tote bag that’s featured in your dreams for so long. No, you haven’t won the lottery. But things are definitely looking up.

Fashion luxury is now at your fingertips. With TALI, you can rent the very best and in a few days or weeks, when you’re ready for a change, switch it out for something new! Why buy, we ask, when you can rent? A clutter-free closet that features all your favorite celebrity-wear awaits!

Welcome to the wonderful world of luxury on loan!

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