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Once you know which product your heart is set on – select it and add it to your cart. Those will be customised according to your measurements in your TALI profile.

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An unfortunate but necessary evil. We will have the product hand-delivered to you. And once you’re done with it, we’ll have someone come over and pick up the product from you at a mutually convenient time.


Luxuries, for most of us, are rarely accompanied by choice. Instead our fashion luxury choices are largely dictated by what’s on sale.

But that’s about to change. What if we tell you that the newest and most exclusive in fashion is now available to you at the click of a button, in a way that will only make a negligible dent in your wallet, not destroy it all together; too good to be true?

Think again – TALI is about to transform the way you think about fashion luxury, and you’re about to be very, very pleased.

Welcome to the wonderful world of luxury on loan!

Worried about the hygiene?

Don’t worry – our products are thoroughly sanitised; we’ve invested in advanced coating technology and deep dry cleaning services so when you receive a product, it will appear brand new!

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